Our team

                                     Nicole Angelica, JD


                                     Executive Director

                                    Nicole Angelica co-founded  

                                    Kensington in 2015.  As a                                                    visionary, Nicole Angelica has                                          leveraged her philanthropy and                                      business acumen to of offer                                              arts-infused programs to                                                  support social emotional wellness.  She is committed education  and creating equitable solutions to support youth and educators throughout North Texas and the Caribbean.


As the Executive Director of Kensington, Nicole Angelica leads the organization through strategic planning and innovation to support the mental health by providing Arts-infused programs and services.  She provides organizational leadership and fundraising initiatives to fully support our mission.


Nicole Angelica is a renowned, international artist and her work is found in the homes of celebrities and dignitaries in her hometown, Nassau, Bahamas.  of Kensington, she works each day to explore innovative ways to narrow the opportunity gap for children.  


Nicole Angelica holds a BS in Business Management for the University of Houston, an MBA from Barry University, and a Juris Doctor from King's College London.

                                         Royond P. Hendrix, Ed.D 

                                         Director of Education

                                            Dr. Hendrix brings 25 years of

                                            experience in educational 

                                            leadership, curriculum design 

                                            and program development.

                                            She designs professional 

                                            development for teachers                                                    and education leaders that                                                  are practical, engaging and 

enjoyable.  As a musician, she infuses the Arts into the

development of professional learning opportunities  in the area of Social Emotional Wellness and Culturally

Proficient Educational Leadership.

Dr. Hendrix is certified in various areas of in Education, including a Superintendent certification and has served in many leadership capacities in school district leadership and nonprofit organization management.

Dr. Hendrix holds a BS in Special Education from

Grambling State University, a Master and Doctorate of Education from the University of North Texas.

                                     Jasmine Hilliard, BS


                                     Teaching Artist


                                         June Wylie 

                                         Teaching Artist


                                     Ronita Khan, RN, BSN


                                     Wellness Coordinator



Kensington Arts and Education is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of business professionals and community leaders in with with lived experiences and advocates of our mission.   Our Board members reside in America or the Bahamas.  Meeting quarterly, the Board directs the strategic objectives of our organization.


Board of Directors--2020-2024


Jerome Gomez

Annette Pelacanos

Lisa S. Turnquest

Tim Williams

Lyon Spencer

Michelle Phipps